Use Cases

Use Cases: Women’s Safety

Imagine having a live Safety Index for every street, similar to traffic congestion, which gets updated periodically throughout the day, reflecting the “safeness” of the road/street. Such an index can be used for planning trips to ensure unsafe areas/streets are avoided. Calculating such a live index will require combining static and dynamic data from a diverse set of sources in a way that captures the notion of safety. For instance, these data sets could be used to determine the safety index:

  • Police station locations
  • Bus stop locations
  • Land use patterns
  • Street structure and topology
  • Live streetlight status
  • Live activity status

Having this data made available by their respective custodians via IUDX will enable solution providers to create new and useful applications for citizens. For instance, a bright entrepreneur can figure out how to properly combine the raw data to calculate a live safety index per street and serve it again through IUDX.

Similarly, a cab aggregator or trip planning application can use this data to provide safe routes for app users. A city manager or the police can in turn use this data to evaluate and improve the safety of places whose safety index is poor.

To develop a pilot for this use case, we are currently collaborating with Pune Smart City Development Cooperation Limited (PSCDCL) along with our partner ecosystem.

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Use Cases: Smart Mobility

Traffic and parking problems are two of the most frustrating experiences in India’s bustling cities. Mitigating these will require a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach involving active participation from all stakeholders in the city. Real-time data will go a long way in enabling smart solutions to address these issues. Such data can come from a diverse set of public and private sources – from field sensors, crowd sourced data, traffic cameras, fleet operators, transport companies, logistics companies etc. IUDX will enable all these players to safely and securely share their data, either for free or on commercial terms. Video analytics will play a very important role in providing rich contextual data. A framework for distributed video analytics, while keeping privacy as a primary concern, will be an essential component for smart traffic and parking management.

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Use cases: Emergency Response

Ability to respond to emergencies, within a critical time, requires rapid and automated coordination amongst a diverse set of agencies and citizens. Minutes can make a difference between life and death. The IUDX can facilitate rapid and automated coordination between various participating organizations like the fire department, traffic police, ambulance services, hospitals, city administrators and citizens as a trusted platform working seamlessly across these entities sharing real time data.

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Use cases: Pilots

Pune Urban Data Exchange (IUDX @ Pune)

IUDX @ Electronics City (Coming Soon)

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