Overview of IUDX

Smart City projects have been conceptualized through a comprehensive process of citizen engagement and hence are very contextual, relevant to the city’s needs. The resulting outputs/outcomes are therefore quite different for each city, with each city investing in applications, infrastructure, and services that meet hopes and aspirations of their citizens and stakeholders.

The initial implementations have started to show positive results on ground. In order to have the ability to gain broader insights from the enormous data generated within each project & department (which are working sometime in vertical silos), for use between various stakeholders within the city and across different cities, a need is felt for an open data sharing platform aimed at enabling cities to harness full potential of the such data generated.

As an approach to solving these challenges, MoHUA has initiated a research project for an open source data exchange software platform with Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore called “India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX).

IISc is working with a broad set of institutions consisting of industry, government agencies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, other academia and research organizations, to develop the first specifications and reference implementation of IUDX.

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