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The next phase of Smart Cities implementations will focus on data empowerment in order to harness the maximum value from the enormous data cities generate. In order to develop the next generation AI/ML based applications for providing new solutions and services at scale, the India Data Urban Exchange (IUDX) project, supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, has created a reference architecture and technical specifications for exposing data (especially IoT data) from IT systems of different departments as well as external organisations, using common APIs and Data Models.

The data exchange will provide two key services:

  • A catalogue service that will host a catalogue of meta-information about the various data sets, with information about the custodian of the data, data model for the data, the API endpoints, API methods etc.
  • An authorization service that will enable a data custodian (one who is responsible for the data), to regulate access to their data sets. Security and privacy is incorporated by design in this architecture.
  • An optional data broker, that will support standardized IUDX APIs to access the data.

IUDX will enable new applications to emerge, that can take advantage of data from different IT systems, to provide novel services. For example, a Women’s Safety Index will calculate the live safety index of any street, combining data from smart streetlights, video analytics from traffic cameras, data from police databases along with analysis of land use. Such an index can be used by trip planning apps to allow for determining safe routes or used by city or police to plan patrol routes.

By defining the reference architecture and specifying the interfaces and data models, IUDX will enable a whole new ecosystem of application developers to provide new, data driven, solutions and services. Additionally, adopting IUDX nationally will enable economies of scale for the developers and will allow same applications to run across the country. For data custodians IUDX will allow a simple way to expose, give consent, audit and track their data usage.

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